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The year was 1982, E.T. was in the theater, Reagan was in charge, and St. Pauli Girl tasted great with anything.
Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. If she could have brought a beer, we bet it would've been a St. Pauli Girl.
It's 1984 - The L.A. Olympics - A gold medal year for a gold medal beer - St. Pauli Girl.
The Chicago Bears shuffled their way to a Super Bowl win, Live Aid rocked 2 continents, and St. Pauli Girl was the toast of the town for sports fans and music fans alike.
The Statue of Liberty celebrates her 100th birthday. She's about 8 years younger than St. Pauli Girl.
Bon Jovi had Billboard's #1 selling album. People might change their taste in music, but they'll never change their taste in beer St. Pauli Girl.
The Berlin Wall falls to the ground, "Love Shack" is the #1 most requested song and Batman is the #1 movie around the nation.
This was the year of sequels. We have Gremlins II, Predator 2, and RoboCop 2. But St. Pauli Girl is still number one to us!
A new decade! You tossed the skinny ties, the leg warmers and the new wave CD's, but you'll never toss St. Pauli's!
Beer vs. Ideology:
The USSR and Communism are out, St. Pauli Girl is in.
A little known secret:
Forest Gump was running to find a cold St. Pauli Girl Beer.
1996 brought "Tickle Me Elmo" and the Macarena. Good thing St. Pauli Girl was there to soothe the headaches.
A toast to the modern internet! St. Pauli Girl joins the cyber culture with our first website on the information super highway.
Mark McGwire hit more home runs than anyone since Roger Maris - the world sat back with a St. Pauli Girl and cheered!
DVD, high definition TV, and faster net connections gave us a few more reasons to sit home and enjoy a cold St. Pauli Girl.
Y2K Bug or no Bug, it's still a great year to enjoy a St. Pauli Girl!
Barry Bonds breaks the home-run record, no need for a "recount" here. A year to celebrate with a St. Pauli Girl beer!
George W. wages a war on terrorism, Utah hosts the winter olympics and Star Wars - Episode II is released.
George W. wages war in Iraq and St. Pauli Girl introduces new packaging.
Another year to look forward to! Will Dennis Rodman go back to the NBA? Will reality TV see its demise? Either way, St. Pauli Girl will still be a great beer.
2006 was the year that gave us next gen consoles PSP3 and the Nintendo Wii. St. Pauli Girl unveiled new packaging.
iPods home theater systems and Hurricane Katrina were the big stories in 2005. St. Pauli N.A. was named the #1 Imported Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage in the U.S.
2007 brought us the iPhone-changing how we look at cell phones and FaceBook-changing the face of Social Networking. The great flavor of St. Pauli Girl is one thing that will never change!
2008 brought challenges, but St. Pauli Girl was always there through the tough times.
St. Pauli Girl encourages you to consume our products responsibly.

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